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Lancaster & Bay Area to Edinburgh Airport Taxi Transfer

Edinburgh Airport is situated at the North East of the City and is easily accessed from Lancaster in about 3 hours on a normal run.

It’s a busy but smaller airport and offers, internal UK flights as well as European destinations and international flights to the USA and Canada.

Becoming more popular with both holidaymakers and Business travellers the variation in School holidays from Scotland to England means you can fly for quite a saving compared to peak school holiday times here in England.

If you’re going on holiday and decide to fly from Edinburgh then you can now treat yourself and stop off at Flutes and Tales the Champagne Bar within the airport! There’s also Yo! Sushi if you fancy something tasty quick and light.

For a full roundup of what Edinburgh Airport has to offer then the following link will take you over to their own website:

We are taking more people to Edinburgh Airport now then ever before due to the increased flights, destination choices and value for money it offers. Whether your party is just you or a whole family we have the right vehicle for the job.

Check out our cars here and find out which one is the right one for you. Vivaro – Mercedes – Vito’s

To make an enquiry or to book any of our vehicles, please call Paul on 01524 855012 or 07800873571. You can also fill out the quick enquiry form on our contact page. Please note that if calling we may be driving and unable to take your call right away. Please leave a message and we will come right back to you.